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5 Frame Nuc Nuc in Hive 10 Frame Hive Pallet of Singles

2022 Nucs and Singles
All of our bees are treated for mites and are very strong again this year
Now taking orders for June 2022 pick up dates
Gallatin, Tennessee

These sample images are for display only and are not the actual bees for sale

5 Frame Nuc Single Deep with 5 Frame Nuc installed
5 Frame Nuc (Limited Stock) Nuc in Hive
Regular 5 Frame Nuc
Nuc - $160 each Deposit- $30
Big Nuc
Nuc in Hive - $200 Deposit - $35
Single Deep 10 Frame Hive

10 Frame Single

10 Frame Hives - $220
Deposit - $40
6 Way Singles Pallet of Nucs
6 Way Singles 8 Way Nucs
Pallet of Singles
Pallet - $1,100 each Deposit- $110
Pallet of 8 Nucs
Sold Out for 2022

June 2022 Pick Up Dates in Gallatin, Tennessee

Offering Honey Bee Colonies with Mated 2022 Queens in the following size options:


5 Frame Nucs (Sold Out) - The standard 5 Frame Starter nucleus colony in small boxes, called "Nucs" for short.


Nuc in Hive - A 5 Frame Nuc in a 10 Frame Hive with 5 extra frames, a top and a screened bottom board.


10 Frame Hive - Single Deep Full Colony Hives with a secure top and a screen on bottom for transporting.

All hives are on deep frames in the deep hive bodies. Please follow the links and use the corresponding "Add to Cart" buttons to place an order by leaving a non-refundable deposit for preferred sizes.

Please include your phone number with your contact information on the order page so we can reach you to schedule your pickup appointment.

Currently taking deposits for 2022 Honey Bees

June 2022 Pickup Locations:
Gallatin, Tennessee or Fellsmere, Florida Area

Inquire about large quantities of hives

Cancellation, Refund and Return Policy:
Since we must make all necessary arrangements and commitments to secure everything needed to fill orders, from equipment to bees to queens etc., all cancellations for refunds must be requested within seven days from the time the order is placed.
Returns for bees: Since bees are livestock and are subject to diseases, pesticides, temperatures and other factors that effect their health, and we have no control over the conditions the bees are subjected to once they leave our yards, we require a notice within 24 hours if there is any health issues with the bees.

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